First Partner in Greece: Dr. Kimionis, Medical Dent
25th Jan


First Partner in Greece: Dr. Kimionis, Medical Dent

Time to pack our bags, as we set off to historic Athens to introduce our first partner in Greece: Dr. Alexandros Kimionis of Medical Dent. We are thrilled to have him join the partner network as we further solidify our European presence to provide more holistic coverage on the continent!

About Medical Dent

At the modern practice, patients can now pay with Dentacoin (DCN) for a wide range of dental treatments within the fields of general, aesthetic, prosthodontic, and orthodontic dentistry, as well as implantology and oral surgery. Having employed the latest methods and equipment for safe and painless treatment, Dr. Kimionis is a significant proponent of preventive dentistry, making him a perfect fit with our mission here at Dentacoin.

According to the forward-thinking doctor, long-term dental health is not just about drilling and filling. That is why in order to maintain beautiful and healthy smiles for life, the team at Medical Dent helps create personalized prevention protocols for each patient. By doing so, they are not only able to deliver high-quality treatments and one-to-one care but to also guide the patient along their lifelong journey towards good oral health. 

What This Means for Dentacoin

Alongside 15 other locations, Dr. Kimionis’ Medical Dent brings the Dentacoin project closer to achieving presence in every European country.

With only a handful of European countries left unattended, I am excited to continue working on our ever-increasing expansion into the continent. Being fully aware of the difficulties to always stay on the top of industry trends, it is my commitment to help more and more dentists realize the benefits from implementing Dentacoin tools and currency in their practices,”  comments Betina Bogdanova, Customer Service Operations Manager.

“It is only a matter of time before blockchain currencies replace the good old fiat money. Among other numerous benefits, this will ensure inidivudal sovereignty, true ownership of one’s assets, security, and anonymity. Seeing Dentacoin making steady progress in the blockchain field globally, I feel confident in the development of this niche within the dental industry”, shares Dr. Kimionis.

Medical Dent on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews

Having taken the opportunity to not only join the financial revolution but to also reach more potential patients, Dr. Kimionis can already be found on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. He is happy to receive valuable feedback from patients while also strengthening his online presence: REVIEWS.DENTACOIN

See what Patients have to say about Dr. Alexandros Kimionis

Check Dr. Alexandros Kimionis on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and see the unfiltered feedback received from patients. You can leave your review and get rewarded as well.

Welcome, Dr. Kimionis!

We’re excited to have you joining us on the journey towards technology-driven prevention with 97 other locations in 27 countries around the world. 

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